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sinus infection and weight loss update

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So I finally broke down and went to my doc today for my sinuses. Yes, the Hive told me to go and I delayed. So, I wanted to post an update and thank all you kind folks who offered advice.


Yes, I have a sinus infection. He put me on oral steroids, said to continue the nasal steroids, recommended allegra, and gave me a 10 day course of antibiotic. He was also adament that I either call him or come back on the 10th day because he will probably have to renew the antibiotic. He said if I am better, but not completely well, then he wants to do another 10 day course. If I am not significantly better, then he wants to switch antibiotics for another 10 day course. He did warn me this might take 28 days of antibiotics to cure.


Oh joy......and yes, I have probiotic. And a headache.


BUT!!! He is really pleased with my weight loss!!!!! The nurse practitioner said I'm only 2lbs from what she thinks ought to be my goal weight!!!!! We chatted while we waited for the doc and they are both really happy my BMI has come down. I told her I wanted to lose another 5-7lbs and she said that would fine, but not to worry about it. If I get another 2-3lbs off and keep it off, then I will be good. So, some bright news in the midst of sinuses.....

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That's great! I hope you feel better soon. My sinuses have been bothering me every day this week, and I felt pretty under the weather over the weekend. If I'm still feeling this bad in a couple of days, I'm going to go to the doctor. I can't afford another sinus infection with opening night in two weeks!



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