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Help me name this event

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Another local homeschool leader and I want to have a vendor fair of sorts for homeschool families in our area. The idea is to showcase and network families who have cottage businesses or are business owners in our area. We have a church with a large gymnasium and family center that will provide space and tables for free. The family business could be anything from hand made items to Avon to other businesses. Those who want to sell at the event could sell, or they could just talk about their business to interested people and network that way. It could be a parent owned or child owned, it could provide a service or a product.


Booth space would be first come, first serve, with a no competition clause - for example only the first Avon rep to registure could have a booth so that we don't end up with 10 Avon people and no one else. Also, the family must be current homeschoolers to receive priority consideration.


We would like to invite anyone to visit the event who would like to support homeschool families or local small businesses.


The event will most likely be on a week day evening from 5-9pm, but we would also consider part of a Saturday. We realize there is no perfect time to plan this.


The other leader has lots of small business connections and is already arranging door prizes.


We hope to make it an annual event in November. We do not plan on charging anyone for booth space as long as we can use the church for free.


What would you call this? Homeschool does not have to be in the name although we will initially advertise heavily to homeschoolers and homeschool groups.


Thank you!

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