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Coming home from a long vacation is....exhausting.

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We just got home from a 10 day road trip to see my family, driving from Texas to Indiana, down to South Carolina, and back to Texas. It was so nice! We drove through 15 states, did lots of cool stuff, and I got some GREAT family time.




Within the last 10 hours of the drive home, 1 kid had a major diaper blow out, 1 kid leaked pee everywhere, 1 kid puked all over himself and the car and continued to puke in a cup for the last 2 hours of the drive home, every single kid has had diarrhea since then and they are fighting like cats and dogs today. I am trying to finish all the laundry, unpack everyone, clean up the residual puke mess (and finding new spots all the time!) and not lose my dang mind.




I need a Mikes. Badly.

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