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Does anyone here have fibromyalgia and is much better through change in diet?

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not me, but a dear friend had terrific improvement through a specific diet change (guai protocol; sp???). Now she does a GAPS diet with equally good results for her fibro.


Here's a link to what she followed (it did reverse her symptoms, and she is now, like I said, able to not follow this so strictly and "just" follow a GAPS diet, more or less, with come "cheating" allowed).




Hope that helps.

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I know a couple of people who've had significant improvement following the Whole 30. It seems pretty extreme at first, but I've gone through it several times now and am quite convinced it's the best way for me to eat long term. I can't say enough good things about this approach, which emphasizes nutrient-dense food and avoiding *anything* that increases inflammation in the body.


I don't have fibromyalgia, but I do have other autoimmune issues. The thing that made a shockingly big difference in my life was being diagnosed with crazy low vitamin D levels and supplementing heavily. Just getting up to "borderline" vitamin D levels radically reduced many of my symptoms -- leaving me feeling healthy and strong enough to make other changes (like diet, exercise, better quality sleep) that continued my improvement. I'm not entirely symptom free -- but there's been significant improvement, and I no longer live in fear that my body is deteriorating around me.

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Well, I think I had significant improvement making dietary changes and adding some supplements. I just made sure to cut out processed foods, cut down significantly on sugar, flour, potatoes. Eat more greens, fruits & veggies, and I make sure I get some decent sources of protein at various times during the day. Supplements included vit D, a good multi, quality fish oil, magnesium/malic acid mix, and 5HTP and liquid calcium/magnesium at night.


I also upped my exercise. I did it gradually, but eventually worked up to exercising 6 days a week alternating treadmill and the circuit at Curves. Curves was very helpful b/c it is not a huge strain on the muscles and yet works all of the major muscle groups. I ended every single exercise session with yoga stretching.


When I was first diagnosed and really hurting I also took 2 extremely hot showers a day. One in the morning and one in the evening, both followed by stretching. At that point I was still slowly working up to exercise (which meant just walking around the house or yard or maybe partway down my street). I also made sure not to stay in one position for too long. I alternated resting and puttering around the house. Staying in one position aggravated my muscles and caused increased pain.


Hope some of this helps. The best thing to do is read read read and experiment to see what works. I'll echo the nutritionist at my local health food store and say to start out slow with any supplements too, so you can tell if they are helping before adding anything further.

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My sister was diagnosed with that and had a lot of pain. She took a lot of medication for 3 years and had limited activity.


Then her opthymologist recognized her symptoms and told her that his wife had remarkable easing of her symptoms from a gluten-free diet. My sister left and got an appointment with an allergist and did a full panel. She reacted to gluten, oats, eggs, and several other things.


At this point she eats many of those things in small amounts. She can even eat wheat products in very small portions (a small piece of birthday cake for instance), but if she eats more she can feel it in her joints. When she falls off the wagon she gets all her symptoms back.


What could it hurt? I think its worth a try.

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My daughter has Chronic Fatigue, which is said to be related to Fibromyalgia. We all started drinking green shakes from Amazing Grass. We use two Amazing Grass powders- one that has a high ORAC score and one that is the "meal". I put a scoop of each in a shaker cup with a small organic yogurt and almond milk or nonfat organic milk. There has been a HUGE improvement in my daughter's health over the last several months since she's been drinking these daily. When she skips a few days, you can actually notice a decline in her health and it takes her a few more days to get back into the swing of things.


I also have been buying almost exclusively organic foods- there are a few things I can't find organic or she doesn't like, but 80% of our diets are organic now and I think that is helping as well. It is pricey, but it's nice to know that there are no GMOs and pesticides in the foods making things worse.


Good luck! And no, I don't work for Amazing Grass!

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I did have improvement years ago by doing an elimination diet. I went off of eggs, corn, wheat, sugar and dairy for 3 years and did much better. Since then I've gotten much worse but this time when I went off all those foods it didn't make a bit of difference.


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