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Hoping this helps someone - ACT photo upload

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I just wanted to share our experience uploading a photo for the upcoming ACT. It was really an easy thing to do, BUT, I wanted to let you know that the photo that prints on the admission ticket is REALLY, really small. Ds's photo on his computer screen looked fine, though his eyes were rather squinty b/c he was smiling really big. When the admission ticket printed out, his squinty eyes looked closed which is a huge no-no. I called the ACT people (I must say I always find them VERY helpful and courteous). The student services rep sent my concern to one of their photo specialists who said, yes, his eyes did *looked* closed even though they weren't. Thus, she removed the photo and we will upload another. I just wanted to share this so you could be extra careful with the photos you are taking. I am going to encourage ds NOT to smile in the next one! Good grief! It's not a Hollywood head shot!

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