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Pregnancy and Hives/Rashes

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I started this the other night.. It's mainly like my elbows, knees, heels(or where shoes rub) and ears..some on the back of legs.. It's red and itchy. If I get hotter, it makes it worse..

I'm trying to be a good girl and not itch :) but sometimes I just have too ;)

If it's not better by Monday, I may put a call in to doc..


Do you think it's just heat rash or hives :confused: I am in my 7th month

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Too weird! I just started a similar thing!


I have two spots - one on my lower leg, near my ankle, and one on the side of my thigh. Each location has one little bump that itches like the dickens. It's not all the time and I'm trying to find a pattern. At first I thought it was dry skin, so I have been lathering Eucerin cream on my legs. But the last couple of days, it doesn't seem to matter - those 2 places still itch. I didn't think about hives, but maybe they are. I definitely think it's from the pregnancy because I've never had it before.


If it were all over, as it seems to be in your case, I would definitely put a call into the nurse. That would just be annoying.


Isn't it crazy all the stuff that comes out in pregnancy? Man, I'm looking forward to delivering this child and being done with a lot of this pregnancy related stuff! It never bothered me before - I took it all in stride and thoroughly enjoyed my 9 months. Not this time though. I'm not sure why - maybe having older kids and this feels like an inconvenience (even though it's not) to them or something? I dunno.


Best wishes with the rash. Let me know what they say if you call the nurse/Dr. When are you due again?

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Not soon enough :D


It's just annoying isn't it.. like I said.. I'm trying to be good :D and not itch..

I put a ton of clear calamine lotion on earlier in the day hoping that would help.. It did for a bit, but then I get hot and it starts all over.

I try not to get to hot :)


I hope yours does not spread. Mine started with just elbows and now it's worse.


My kids are older but I don't remember have a rash or anything with either of them.

This last week when I was at the dr's for a cold, I told them I get really hot a lot and they just said it was because of hormones. I have a feeling, she might just say the same thing about this.


I guess we will see what happens in a day or two.

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I had that PUPPP thing with my first ds:




..an incredibly bad, itchy rash that started on my abdomen then moved to my feet/lower legs and hands. I was working as an exec assistant at the time, and it was really classy of me to have these red, oozing, just-gross hands when handing out documents at meetings, etc. etc. lol.


I actually had to go to the hospital with mine, because the itching and discomfort got so bad I couldn't eat. But like the linked article says, it went away almost immediately after I gave birth.



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Last night I had a tough time sleeping because my hands were so stinking itchy, then they get red as can be and feel like they are on fire..

Hope I don't have to deal with this for another 10 weeks or so :eek:


I'm thinking a call into the doc tomorrow will be good even if they don't do anything :)


Thanks for all the replies.. It helps to know I am not alone in this, even though it's not something I wish on anyone ;)

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