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I have a secret from DH

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Here is my secret. I am having a hard time holding it in from him so I thought I would post about it, LOL.


OK..so money has been tight foor a while. DH leaves me to manage all of our finances, ALL of them. So, I basically put a stop to all spending and said any purchases have to be discussed. I told him how each month, we have no money left over. (we are putting money in the 401K though, but that is taken out of his paycheck). Well this month..I guess we squeezed enough and had a fair amount left over! I am sooo excited!!! I was getting frustrated over what had we done wrong, and now..money left over for the first time in sooo long.


SO..I almost jumped up and ran to DH to tell him and then I stopped. I had already transferred the extra money out of our account in to savings so he won't likely see it when he withdraws cash from the checking. So he won't know about this money....which is why I was running to tell him. But then...I remembered how much he has wanted to take a nice vacation, one that did not involve family members (visiting or going with, etc). He wants a "real" vacation and one that lasts a full week and so on. SOOOO... (I am getting to it), I thought it would be great to keep this a secret and keep up the spending ban and at Christmas....as a surprise..or some time after that..tell him about the money once there is enough saved to take the vacation! I know how much it costs, I priced it out as he has something specific in mind. We are also doing the world points program so that will help pay for it too.


I am so excited!!! Now how can I possibly keep my mouth shut THAT long??? DH is going to be soooooooooooo happy!

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Summer....that is awesome!!!


I think you should share how you managed to do this.....I know I would like to know and it might help me out......


Congrats on that.....now....are you going to give us a hint about where this amazing vacation is supposed to be......:D?

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I have to let him in on it before I actually schedule it because he has to get the vacation time, unfortunately. But, he does not really enjoy planning things, but he clearly has definite opinions about this one.


He wants to go to Disney World.


How we saved up...spent no money except what we absolutely had to. Stopped driving so much. Turned the AC temp up. Made sure the doors were always kept shut. Didn't allow for frequent clothing changes (DS4, DS6, and DH would change their clothes every time they changed what the were doing basically, go outside, new outside, come inside, new outfit..you get the idea, that calls for laundry detergent, water, energy to run the washing machine..etc). I also stopped going places unless we have to. No more trips to Target unless we were going that way anyway. No more drives just to look around. We also got a state park pass and started going there for picnics instead of eating out. We just got back from a picnic. It was all things like this.


I am actually afraid if I tell dh about the money we had left over this month that he will suddenly find things to spend it on.

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