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Anyone here do Historical Reenacting?

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My family and I have volunteered as docents at a local historic village for over 10 years. http://www.thisistheplace.org/ Think Laura Ingalls Wilder meets Williamsburg. :lol: It's great fun and we all have amazing pioneer skills to boot. I can cook on a wood stove, shear a sheep, churn butter, bake in a fireplace wood oven, farm, irrigate, work a weaving loom as big as a room, using a spinning wheel, dip candles, etc., etc., etc.


My youngest son is very comfortable getting into a pen with an oxen that are as big as an RV and helping to yoke them. They all know how to start a wood fire in a 150 year old fireplace with a tempermental chimney and get it to draw. They can all cook over an open fire and not set their clothes on fire. They climb trees like squirrels to pick mulberries, and my dd can do it in a pioneer dress. They can race barrel hoops down a dirt lane faster than they can text, and they know how to properly load a Prairie Schooner and a handcart.


It's been SO much fun. If you're interested in that type of thing, pick a time period and start calling local historical sites. They can usually give you information.

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We've volunteered here http://www.rockledgeranch.com/ for years (actually DS said no for this summer because he decided it was dorky dressing like a pioneer, ... his loss).


The best thing to do is to locate such a place, go there and ask what it takes. Most places that accept volunteers make sure that they train each volunteer so he doesn't put his foot in his mouth and so that they don't wear bright green hair (can't do much about braces though) and so that they don't wear bonnets with (gasp!) elastic.


Just ask!

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See what reenacting groups are around you and contact them. I was a civil war reenactor and it was lot of fun. Usually they let you join them one weekend as a visitor then if you like it you can become a member and go to all the reenacting events. What era were you thinking? My DH really wants to do Rev war but we don't live anywhere near one of those groups.

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