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So, wwyd?

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We have been searching for land or a house in our area for years now. Every time we come upon something, there is always a reason not to go for it. The last two were deed restrictions and commute. I am just so tired of searching and searching and not finding. Someone tell me how to get over my checklist and just buy SOMETHING. Or maybe I should forget the idea altogether and be happy renting. *sigh* I am so frustrated.

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:iagree:especially now, when it is likely prices will plummet again within a few years.


You know, I have always thought that they should go down, but in my area, they seem to be stable and even rising. It makes no sense given the number of foreclosures on the market, and so I came to the conclusion that something artificial is holding them up (low interest rates?) and that they are likely to stay that way.


Do you really think they will plummet, and if so, how (given everything that's been done to keep them high)?

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Don't settle.


You have certain criteria, and you shouldn't back down and settle for something that doesn't meet all of your requirements.


It would be different if you had a strong reason for needing to move immediately, but in your case, you can wait it out and get what you really want.


I know it's hard to keep looking at property that sounds like it will be perfect, but turns out not to be, though. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:

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