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Gifts for Grandparents (help!)


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I am The Worst gift giver/buyer.

This is not my "love language" at all, either for receiving for giving.


So, please help!

What is something my children can work on to send my parents for Christmas?

I always just send my Dad a book and my mother some miniature sets to work on (since she's a miniaturist).

Every year, far too late, I see different kits that kids can use to make gifts for grandparents.


So, please, if you've done anything cool in the past, please let me know!

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White plastic plates from http://www.makit.com/


If you have no time, do a one-hour photo mug/book/enlargements at Walgreens (or Walmart, etc.).


Write a nice letter, draw a picture, weave a potholder, even Hobby Lobby has crafts like a clear plastic insulated mug and you insert a drawing. Snow Globes or computer mouse pad with inserted photos.


It's hard to keep thinking of creative ideas every year. I just try to make them loving and meaningful (please tell me that it's the THOUGHT that counts?!?). :001_smile:

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Handprints (in fabric paint - buy it at Michael's) on white dishtowels. They wash beautifully, and last forever. Big hit here. Could do the same with potholders.


Paint your own pottery places - the handprints on tiles like a PP mentioned, or handprints wrapped around a coffee mug.


A stepping stone kit with handprints. Oh, wait, not if you're shipping - might be too heavy!


Photo calendars.


Framed artwork. Framed pics. Now is a good time to go get a great deal on a studio pic, get it printed and frame for the holidays.

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I once did a shutterfly book. The kids gathered pics of them with their grandparents. Then we sat down together and came up with all the little saying my parents have. For example, my dad has a ton of weird sayings like "Cuter than a speckled pup unde a little red wagon" and my mom says things like "We're off like a herd of turtles" (put that with vacation pics). They both loved it and still say it was the best thing they ever got:)

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