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My Little Pony Fluttershy costume?

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All dd5 wants to be for Halloween is Fluttershy, the sweet and shy My Little Pony character. It does fit her to a T. However, I cannot find any costumes her size. I find adult sizes everywhere :001_huh: :D All I find in stores her size are Rainbow Dash and Pinky Pie. I've seen Twilight Sparkle online, too. Sewing is out of the question. We are all currently in the "put the thread in the needle" stage :tongue_smilie: She's a very slender little girl, but the size is 5 as she is somewhat tall.


Has anyone seen one? A challenge for master Internet searchers?


Thank you in advance for any help you can give us! :)


ETA: She doesn't want a shirt, or a hoodie. I've seen those too. She wants a real costume (if they exist!). Thanks!

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Thanks! I think I could use some pink fairy wings we have lying around.


No, but it would be really easy to make. Get yellow tights and Leo (or white and dye them). Hot glue felt butterfly shapes on the Leo. Glue ears to a headband. Get pink yarn and make a tail. Get pink wig or pink hair paint. Done! :)


I will have to tell my artsy dh this - I'm sure he can make it happen. Thanks :)

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