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Trying again... Help choose our next read-aloud


Help choose our next read-aloud!  

  1. 1. Help choose our next read-aloud!

    • The Dragon in the Cliff
    • The Swiss Family Robinson
    • The Hobbit
    • obligatory other

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I voted Swiss Family Robinson because I loved reading it aloud and my children loved the story and it is really about a family who pulls together in a time of distress...which seemed timely for your family. :grouphug:

However, after reading your blog and seeing how you're watching the LOTR movies and remembering (I think!) that you're secular homeschoolers, I think The Hobbit might be a better choice. SFR is written from a devout Christian perspective, especially at the beginning. It doesn't come into play much after the first chapter or so, but the family is Christian and prepared to "meet their maker" at the beginning. You could use it to show how other families deal with stress...unless you are Christian. Now I'm doubting my recollections! Sorry!! :D

I must go check out the Dragon in the Cliff...we're huge dragon fans here too!

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Gosh. This is hard. Maybe The Hobbit. Swiss Family Robinson I haven't read, but I thought I'd heard it was not great as a read aloud. The last one I know nothing about.


:D Can I suggest some other favorites? (Completely unrelated to your ideas.)


The Borrowers

The Saturdays

Understood Betsy

The Wind in the Willows

Swallows and Amazons (I haven't read, but want to.)


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If you're thinking about reading The Hobbit then go ahead and read it! Then go see the movie in December. I'm thinking about doing that. My kids *know* the Tolkien stories from the movies and because they know their mother is obsessed with all things Tolkien. But I haven't read aloud the books yet and they haven't read them. So yeah. I vote The Hobbit! :D

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Maybe I'm weird, but if I'm torn between a few read alouds, I give a description of each one and then ask the kids.


I voted for The Hobbit, btw, because you can never go wrong with a story about Middle Earth. :001_smile:


This is what I do all the time. I have a few books that I want read, and/or think my boys would like. I describe them, if we have them show them the books, ... then we vote. We all get a vote. Usually if each boy votes for a separate book I will read the shortest one first. Or if one is an audio and one is for me to read we do both at the same time.

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Thanks ladies!


Gave the kids a brief run-down of each book (though they are familiar w/Swiss Family Robinson from the movie), and they chose to go with Dragon in the Cliff, followed by The Hobbit. Then we'll see if they still want SFR!


ETA: Of course, literally right after I posted this, ds11 said "Mom, weren't we going to read The Graveyard Book this year before Halloween?" I think we might be going with that!

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