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anyone use Biblioplan for highschool?

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We are only in 7th, but I'm looking ahead and wondering if anyone uses this. It seems like TOG lite, and that sounds good to me. And at that point I'd be folding in my daughter for kindy stuff, which would be fun. Wondering if anyone has done it. (right now we are doing Sonlight H, and will do Core 100 for American history next year, so we could start over again at Ancients for 9th).

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We are using BP and like it very much. We work on history for two or three days, and then work on literature for two or three days. We are using Smarr guides for the literature selections. We have expanded the OT Bible readings with The Old Testament Challenge. BP is not expensive, and it includes excellent maps, tests, and a spine. It's easy to use, interesting, and flexible.

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I used it last year and am using it again this year. I don't know if we'll continue because we are looking at dual enrollment for some subjects. Dd used the advanced maps and advanced cool history pages/tests with the Companion. I have dd using Glencoe's World History as her additional spine. I used MFW's Ancient Literature supplement last year for Year 1. This year I'm using guides from Progeny Press and other sources for the complete books she will read. I want to be able to give dd more of an overview of world lit, so I'm dropping some of the whole books and adding in a world literature textbook.

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