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My kids are so funny...library finds

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My kids are too funny. I didn't get a chance to post this sooner but thought I would share now. Thursday my 4 kids went up to the library without me to drop of returns and pick up holds. In the entrance way they often have books/magazines etc for people to just take for free. These are old magazines or books that a patron wants to be rid of etc. So the kids come home with an entire WWII time life encyclopedia set, a novel about the holocaust, a book titled the Windsor years all about the life the edward, prince of wales, king and duke of windsor, a deepak chopra book, dear america book, royal diaries title, BC trivia, and let's call it canada . Then they very proudly presented the titles they got for me. 2 teacher guides (teacher created resource books-so worksheet type books) for me to use teaching them. They were so proud of those and deemed them to be the greatest of finds. One is called Challenging world geography, the other is mapping skills.


They are very excited to use these books as a bunny trail after we finish our soil unit (only have a couple weeks before snow falls so much do soil first).


I think it is so funny that they fight me about school all the time and yet when they find school books to bring home they do so with pride.


sorry for the bolding, I c/p from my FB and can't seem to turn it off.

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