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Hostess gift to Indian family?

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Our new neighbors are from India. We invited them to eat with us shortly after they moved in, and now they've invited us over. She told me not to worry about bringing anything, but . . . I'd like to bring some token. Would contributing a dessert be offensive? Or would a gift for their home be a better idea?


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I was married to an Indian for a decade and many Indians don't drink. My MIL was upset by vinegar bottles that were wine bottle shaped.


Sweets. Indians bring sweets. Dessert would be fine or a nice box of butter cookies to have with tea later. If you have a local Indian store, you can get a box of assorted treats...gulab jaman, jelabi, burfi, etc.


Fudge is liked, rather than our type of pastry. HTH

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I'm currently married to an Indian who doesn't drink; so I would steer away from alcohol, unless you know them well enough to know that they drink or don't. Generally I take desserts as a "dinner gift", something like cookies or bars rather than a big cake. If you want to take a house gift, you could take something like a decorative plate (like a serving plate) or bowl; I once found a nice serving bowl that was on the clearance table at William-Sonoma that was quite inexpensive but pretty. Also a box of chocolates or candies is a very common gift (steer away from bourbon balls and the like, lol) -- the ones with individually-wrapped candies.



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