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For the last few years we have done big birthdays. We did friends a gymnastic class and then cleared the living room and dining room and did a ballet class. This year we said there is just too much going on for a big party so what we are going to do is for your bday you are incharge you pick the activies for the day. So today we did mini golf a long walk down a nature trail played tennis till mommy could not breathe and had lunch and dinner where the birthday child wanted and played five dollars worth of video games and it has been declared that this is the birthday EVER. that all kids should get days where they declare all the shots and they would never want another a party ever only family time with momma dadda and grandma (and if pappa can go too that would be cool)

yeah as mommy was feeling bad that we just could not figure out a time for a party or the money for what she was wanting!!

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