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Ice Cube Recipes

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I get pica for ice when I'm pregnant, and can tell you, from my ice obsession days, that there is a vast range of ice quality and taste. At my height I could tell which faucet the water had been drawn from; how long the ice had been in the freezer; how long it had stood at room temp if applicable, and amazingly, different ice cube trays rendered different tastes and textures. The worst tasting ice came from came from ice makers, the best tasting ice from trays with curved cube formations. :D

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Don't laugh ... your kids might need this some day! I don't think my DD's (who are 11 and 8) have ever seen an ice tray :lol: ... seriously, we've had an ice-maker their whole lives!!


P.S. I do love the comment about the free-range water ;)


Once at my parents house a visiting teen couldn't figure out how to get ice out of an ice tray - even with a explanation using hand motions.


He had to have it demonstrated, to understand.

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