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I hate antibiotics

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I've been fighting a UTI for a few weeks. Thursday I started taking D-mannose every three hours and doing my best to drown myself with water (that's how it feels to this non-drinker). I used a home home UTI test on Thursday and it was purple which indicated either 125+ or 500+ leukocytes. I could not tell which because the purples are so close together. Today, I was in more discomfort but my home UTI test indicated only 70+ leukocytes. I decided to head into the urgent care center when I could since it's so difficult to fit appointments into the schedule.


Dr. there gave me macrobid. I cannot remember if I've ever had it. But antibiotics and I have a long history. I'm allergic to all cephalosporins, have a bad reaction to augmentin, and had a bad enough reaction to cipro that I'm considered allergic to quinolines.


So, one dose of macrobid left me with an upset stomach, nausea, very drowsy (not sure if I can stay awake for my next dose), and my body feels this weird tingly/energized/tremble feeling...kind of like too much caffeine. My throat feels like a scratched it but I don't think I did.


Would you take dose 2? (Reading reviews online has some scary horror stories.)


ETA: I think I have started developing an anxiety around taking antibiotics after what cipro did.

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Same planet as you Jo. Did you happen to check the smoke map for your area?


Are you taking pro biotics and eating yogurt and all that junk?


I was trying to take one class of amoxicillian a few weeks ago, it has some sort of acid in it that breaks the wall of the virus/bacteria- and I couldn't handle it, had reaction within 24 hours, had to keep close to the house if you know what I mean..


Anyway, now I'm on a 14 day of another try out of amoxicillian, the "half punch" class is what my Dr. called it, it's a dialed down version basically. I'm not quite forty eight hours into it, and it's pretty noticeable for me, uncomfortable.


Was there a food requirement with it?


I think both you and I ran about the same path with Cirpo, timewise, and it knocked us out for certain treatments and classes of drugs. I mention the smoke thing outside because my symptoms are noticeably heavier at night, about 80 percent aggravation (higher) I honestly think there is a plant or airborne something with the fire resin that some people just can't handle.


You would have fell flat to see the parking lot on Friday with people reacting to it here; it looked like Black Friday at Walmart..unreal.


Sympathy on the anxiety, I really understand...no advice on whether to continue or not.

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You lost me on what the smoke has to do with a UTI or antibiotic reactions? I think our air quality has improved, but I can't find the current conditions.


There is a food requirement, and I did take it with lunch (a gyro) at around 3pm. I'm suppose to take one with breakfast and dinner each night. The pharmacist suggested with lunch (which was late today) and dessert. But the first dose was only 5 hours ago. I just want to go to bed not stay up waiting until it is late enough to take another dose.



I hate cipro. The reviews I was reading on macrobid were people saying it is evil and shouldn't be on the market and that cipro is so much better. Crazy!

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Dunno. We have small farms on the west side of the state but don't know about burnings.



Off the phone with the clinic's after hours doctor. He said skip it, call the clinic in the morning. Call him back if I'm more concerned about either the UTI or drug side effects getting worse. Go to ER if signs of kidney infection. Call 911 if I can't breathe.

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Sometime you might want to try garlic pills and colloidal silver. We use both to knock out MRSA rather than using antibiotics. One or the other might work, but we haven't tried that yet.


How would you use the colloidal silver?


I've been using D-mannose and trying to drown myself with water (drinking huge amounts) since Thursday afternoon. I don't know if was the sugar or the water that knocked it down. The OTC test strips showed half the amount of leukocytes, but the discomfort had increased a bit. My primary symptom with UTIs is abdominal cramping and backache. I don't get the urge, frequency, and burning that are typical symptoms.

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