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S/O Saxon 87

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I have a question about the Saxon Supplemental teaching supports.


We have used DIVE for 54 and 65.

We have used Saxon Teacher (which we love) for 76 and will also have it for 87.


Can anyone share the difference between Art Reed and Saxon Teacher?


We really, really like Saxon Teacher and I have been so relieved as we move into pre-algebra to have this.



If you prefer Art Reed over Saxon Teacher, why?


Thank you !!!



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We have used both. My dd has said that Art Reed is an educator while Saxon Teacher is a lecturer. Mr. Reed explains concepts, short cuts, and gives examples of the problems. Saxon Teacher lectures the lesson and works the sample problems.


Both have their place. Saxon Teacher is very helpful for understanding specific problems. They work each problem so it is great for clarity. Mr. Reed teaches the concept. Once we started using Art Reed dvds, dd started having many "light bulb" moments when the lessons started to click. She went back and watched previous lessons as well (we purchased Art Reed about half way through Alg 2) for better understanding.


I don't know that one is better than the other. It is like apple vs cherry pie. Both are good, it just depends upon which one you want and when.

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