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careers that involve physical movement...

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OK this is a weird way to go about looking possible careers, but I decided to compile a list. I'm trying to think about careers that require college where you don't end up behind a desk. So, lawyer, accountant and computer programmer are out.


dd has been thinking about veterinary medicine for some time (has been in 2 4H clubs, runs a petcare business, and helps with a guinea pig rescue). She's also good at math and science. Anyway, she's not wedded to that completely and I think she probably needs to broaden her thoughts. One thing I do know is she likes to move. She's not a serious athlete, but she likes to move. She takes 5 ballet classes a week. Her favorite class (she goes to public high school ) is PE. I've discovered other parents in her peer group (honors classes) find this odd. She generally has all or mostly A's so she's not truly weak in any subject. I thought maybe looking at careers from this angle would be interesting.


I want to put together a list that goes across subject areas where the person moves at work. Please help me expand if you have ideas.


Medical (doctor, nurse, chiropractor, pt, ot, slp, more?)


Forest Ranger, Naturalist, landscape designer,...

teacher (high school, elementary, ABA therapist, adaptive PE, PE, sp ed)

military careers -- this is a bit broad

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Physical therapist is also the one I thought of. I've watched PTs with my disabled daughter for years and have thought that you need to enjoy physical labor for that job (manipulating limbs, physically holding stiff bodies in stretches, encouraging kids to do tough stuff, etc). Not a job for the sedentary!

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Wildlife management or Game Warden

National Park Ranger

Law Enforcement

Physical therapist


Occupational therapist

Respiratory therapist

Any type of cleaning job

Construction trades

Almost any type of small business owner

GIS or USGS (or forestry/hydrology management of some type)


I once worked for Pier 1 Imports and moved all day long, rearranging furniture and displays. What a fun job that was. :)

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