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Michael Clay Thompson LA?


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I am seriously thinking of switching to Michael Clay Thompson's LA program. I looks wonderful. I see though that it comes from a secular view point and I would prefer a Christian one. Is there any christian's here that use this program that could tell me their experiences with it? And what core program do you use to compliment it?


Thank you!!!

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We use MCT and are Christians. I do not believe that everything we use has to be from a Christian perspective. The parts of speech and parts of a sentence stay the same, regardless of religion. We do History and Science from a Christian perspective, but Math and Grammar, I don't see the importance in it being Christian-based. We haven't gotten into the poetry book yet, but I've read through it and love the way it's presented and nothing I've seen so far has me balking at it.


We use WWE for writing, LoE for spelling (which also touches on grammar, but we don't use it for that), and we use various books along with the McGuffy Eclectic readers for reading.


We switched to MCT this year. We started out with my DD (4th grade) doing Voyages in English and my DS (2nd grade) doing LLATL. My 4th-grader was bored and hated ViE and she aced the vocabulary test, so I decided to look for something else and fell in love with MCT.


When my 2nd-grader saw the books, he asked to do it too. He's doing great in it, but he goes through it a bit slower than my 4th-grader. He gets it though, and that, along with him enjoying it, is what matters to me. He's happy, he's getting it, and it's great to not have him complain about having to do LA each day (he didn't complain about LLATL this year, but we used A Beka (Christian-based) last year and he'd cry and whine about having to do it).


Oh, both my kids are doing the Island level.

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