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TOG Questions DE or Print Due to Update Coming


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I'm switching back to TOG and am trying to decide whether to buy the print or DE version. I just read that Tapestry is coming out with a third printing this spring for Year 1. http://www.tapestryofgrace.com/company/newsletter.php I'm guessing that will make the value of the Redesigned version about like that of the Classic, right? For those of you who have used the DE and the print, which would you recommend in light of a third printing coming out soon.

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I have the combo print/DE for three years. If I had to choose one, I'd choose the DE.


- I like to download it on my Rhetoric students computers so they have access to their assignments, questions, Poetics and Frameworks.


- it's easier to find things on DE


- I'm glad I will continually get the updates.


The only disadvantage to "DE only" is that you may lose the assignments for an old book when it gets replaced by a new book.


That being said .... I love curling up at night with my Tapestry manual and using my highlighter to prepare for discussions. You can still do that with DE, but you'll have to print the pages first.

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