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If you use Mapping the World by Heart, by Art, or...


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any other program that teaches kids to draw a world map, what projection do you use? I'd like to use the Robinson projection, but I'd like them to be able to draw the whole thing from scratch and the curved lines would make that difficult, if not impossible. I don't like how the Equirectangular map looks. I know it has less distortion than the Mercator, but I'm used to the Mercator distortions and I think the country shape distortions of the Equirectangular map look ... flat? I'm not sure why it looks so odd to me.


So, what did you choose and why?

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We are doing Mapping the world by heart. We are using the Equirectangular projection as I think it is the most logical for the program and will be the easiest for them to learn. From my point of view it is a hard enough skill and I like the reasons he had the map created.


We have the Mercator on the wall as that is the most commonly used in the US and I think they need to know how to read it and use it. We also have a small globe.

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