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Girls vs Womens Sizes

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I've searched online but can't find an answer to this question, and am hoping someone can help!


I want to order a T-shirt and hoodie from a fundraiser for my older daughter. They only come in women's sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and there is no size chart available. My daughter wears a 16/18 in girls' sizes (e.g., Justice); she's outgrown the girls' XL at Target.


I'm not sure whether to order the women's small or medium. Any advice?

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Does the fundraiser you're purchasing from have a measurement chart?? DD (12) is in the same boat --- too big for girls sizes but just barely in women's. Typically I get her a small, except for Target clothing. For some reason, their tshirts run kind of small. We typically get a medium there.


If they have number sizes, dd typically wears a ladies size 4.


Hope that helps :)

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There really are no standard sizes, and t-shirts especially can vary widely, as some are based on men's sizes, some are specifically sized for women, and some are junior's. Ideally, the fundraiser folks would have a size chart or better yet samples to try on. Lacking that, I'd get the hoodie in medium, as a larger hoodie will work over other clothes and she can get more wear out of it as she grows. I'd choose between S and M for the tee, but be prepared for the S to be too snug or for the M to be huge. Sorry it isn't easier!

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