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Blessed Is The Man/Far Above Rubies

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I have Blessed is the Man. But my boy is in grade 6 this year. He wouldn't start high school in Canada for another two years. With his disabilities, I was hoping by buying it early I could sort out what to do with him and how to implement it for him.


I would love input from other parents also. :001_smile:

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My dd has been using FAR and she loves it.


Each day she does:


- Math (Algebra 2)

- English From the Roots Up/Grammar (alternate)

- Science (Chemistry)


Then all her other work - literature, writing, research, cultural studies, history, art etc - comes from her current unit in FAR. Even the chemistry she is working on was inspired by FAR. We were actually going to do something else for science but her FAR unit suggested doing Apologia Chemistry so she decided to do it. The program is very rich and gives a lot of scope to go as deeply into various topics as the student would like.

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