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PSA: if you suffer from insomnia....

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.... does your partner snore?


I've mentioned this in odd threads over the years, but I thought I'd bring it to the top in case it helps anyone.


I started to suffer from insomnia after I had children. I would fall asleep fine - so I didn't connect my insomnia with anything outside myself - then I would pop awake in the early hours and take several hours (usually I had to get up and read for a while) to get back to sleep. My doctor said that sleep patterns were often disturbed after child birth and, for some, they never really reestablish themselves.


Husband had put on some weight at about that time and was snoring more. Turning him onto his side no longer helped. He then lost the weight, but the snoring continued. It wasn't sleep apnea, just good old-fashioned snoring.


I gave up caffeine and made sure to exercise every day. This helped a little, but not much. The sleeplessness wasn't bad enough that I wanted to take drugs: I was home educating and not driving, so I could nap if really necessary, and I wasn't a danger on the roads. It wasn't fun though.


Then I took a flight and, for the first time, used ear plugs. I slept so well on the plane. I decided to try out earplugs at home: bingo! Full, luxurious nights of sleep.


My theory is that, although Husband's snoring didn't prevent me from falling asleep, the noise stopped me from getting into deep sleep rhythms and made me prone to waking. With ear plugs, the snoring is as quiet as waves on a beach. I use 'SparkPlugs', which are designed for industrial use and are very comfortable. I can just about hear my alarm clock through them, and I could definitely hear the smoke alarm.


I hope this helps someone.



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