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Buying Lego in bulk ??

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I want to get my son tons more Lego for Christmas. With the exception of the one blue box set, all his other Lego are from sets that will never be back together in the set. But they are soooooooo expensive. I want to get him a few more tubs of Lego, and some plates too.


I was poking around on eBay and it's just so hard to compare prices. If you have bought Lego in bulk, did you find it best to buy by bulk # of pieces or by weight? I have no idea what's a good deal... 500 pieces or 1000 pieces, etc. Or 30 lbs, 40 lbs, etc. Seems l find conflicting reviews like "wasn't as many as I thought" type of a thing. So I thought I'd ask you!

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Sometimes higher priced toys like legos aren't really a great deal used since people bid them up on ebay trying to get a deal. I would probably look for some of the basic tubs to go on sale at Target or Walmart or online. I think Amazon has some lego sales sometimes. Especially as we get closer to Christmas I'm sure tubs of legos will go on sale (and get more expensive on ebay as people start Christmas shopping there). But I don't know specifically about lego prices so I could be wrong.

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IMO, it depends on what he is going to use them for: If he's, say, building a medieval village, he should probably go by pieces and not weight (and should also get to select color: blues and yellows and reds are not as important as grays and browns in a medieval village).


Lego actually sells "random" bags of Legos, and I remember when DH weighed them out once, the price per pound was similar to what the bags of weighted ones go for on ebay (not specialty pieces, though).


Our best bet ever has been to advertise specifically for them on Craigslist, saying what we wanted and how much we were willing to pay. We've scored some AWESOME deals at yard sales, too.


We got ds a 1600 piece set for $30 at Walmart on Black Friday. Best deal ever!


We got the same deal, and it was a good one!

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If I knew then how much I would be investing, one set at at time, one tub at a time, in LEGOs, I would have scouted all the homeschool sales, Craigslists, and FreeCycle sites, and bought by the bushel (or ton.)


There are books of designs. I fussed and carried on and tried to get the kids to keep the sets together, esp some of the more expensive Star Wars ones, but no such luck.

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