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Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide


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Hunter, Debbie in Or, uses it, but I haven't seen her on the board in a while. I do know that they have a yahoo group, but I can't remember the link right now.


Thanks I found the yahoo group. I wanted to hear what the hive has to say. :lol: The good, the bad, the complaints, all of it.


I'm having a mixed reaction to the PA resources. I really love some of it, and am uncomfortable and trying to wade my way through the rest, to either learn something stretching or to figure out how to tweak it significantly.

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Do you think it is worth ordering the Noah lit guide?


If money isn't a problem, yes. I was lucky to get mine at a good price. The suggestions are very Hebrew/American, and different than suggestions in other guides.


The section on MotherGoose is excellent. I adore the Bambi suggestion. The poetry section that includes Isaac Watts is interesting. Just skip the bear eating the mocking children song, until they are teens and you want to use it to shock them out of complacent hymn singing. :lol: Yes, I DID that to my boys years ago. :tongue_smilie: They were halfway through the hymn before they knew what they were singing. :lol:


Shakespeare starts in kindergarten. Of course Little House in the Big Woods is used. The section on lullabies is interesting. It's an unusual and thought provoking mix. I'm still bogged down in the Kindergarten lessons as you can see, and have only skimmed the rest.

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Okay, bumping this old thread.


I DO now have the NOAH literature guide and I am very interested in doing some notebooking on chapter books that we read next year. However, I really am not interested in the Principle Approach in general or all their secrecy surrounding their materials.


Is there another resource on notebooking literature similar to this approach?

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