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Resources for an aspiring poet

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Hive -- My DS6 is an aspiring poet. Or slam poet. He likes to rhyme, in any case. ;) His poetry revolves primarily about the Civil War or the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere is a big hero, and he loves to read/recite The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.


I am currently reading him Shel Silverstein poems, which he tolerates because they rhyme. However, he has asked for some more dramatic poetry, hopefully involving the Civil or Revolutionary War, or ship wrecks, or similarly dramatic things. Can you recommend a collection that is remotely appropriate for a 6 year old?


I know, this is a crazy, crazy request.

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My DS is also into poetry, war and disasters like shipwrecks. My husband turned him on to songs and songwriters. He is possibly the only 6 year old on the planet who knows all the words to "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". He also loves Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan. Needless to say, he finds it difficult to relate to other kids his age :).

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MtnMama, I think our boys would be very good friends! And yes, finding similarly interested friends locally has been a challenge. I think we will get some Edmund Fitzgerald books and the song out this weekend. I went to undergrad in northern Michigan, so I think I know all the words to the song...


Thanks for the resource, Mrs Mungo!

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Are you familiar with Lin-Manuel Miranda's

? It's from the perspective of Aaron Burr.


There are a few words that make it not entirely G-rated (two uses of d*mn near the end, and a matter-of-fact, as opposed to pejorative, reference to Hamilton as the "b..ard son of a w..."), but I didn't notice anything else that would be of concern.

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