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flat screen TV question

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I want one that is about 14-20"...if possible. This is for my kitchen (which isn't very big), so I don't need a big TV...and I don't watch it all that much...but sometimes it's nice to have...we are remodeling the kitchen and I have an old box TV that I want to get out of there...and we have netflix streaming so I would really like that option...thanks.

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we have cable and netflix streaming. I watch netflix more and my husband watches cable (especially during football season). I want to know more about this Roku thing....I looked it up...looks interesting...so once you buy it that is it? No monthly charges or anything, right??? can I transfer it to other TV's in the house...I unnderstand that only one TV would be able to use it...but we have a TV in our bedroom that might be fun to have Netflix sometimes.

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