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R&S 1st grade math vs CLE 1st grade math what do you prefer


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Can you stand one more math question? Sorry I hope this will help me finally decide what to get for my ds. He did a year of saxon 1st grade last year but hated it so I thought I would repeat 1st grade math using a different program so it might sink in better.


I was leaning toward cle but now I'm wondering if R&S might be a better fit for the early years 1-3. I just want him to have a good solid foundation to start off with and manage to do this without so many tears and fights. Something he will not hate that we can get through and he will learn well. Also, cheap is another reason I have been leaning toward these two programs. We are having to cut alot of money from the curriculum budget this year so these programs are very appealing that way.


Anyone have an opinion on these two programs to spark an interest in math for my 6 yr old ds.

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Rod and Staff math 1.


We preferred the gentle mastery approach and it was just what my son needed. The CLE at that level seemed jumpy to us and was more on a 2nd grade level in some parts than a first grade level.


I didn't like that introduction of a concept and then not enough practice or lightly practicing it and then it popping up on another page for so called practice or not popping up again at all for another couple of lessons. But that was just my impression. I ended up givine the CLE away.


I have not regretted my choice and have already purchased R&S math 2 and 3.


The reasons I didn't like CLE may very well be reasons someone else does. Some children don't need lots of problems to get a concept down and are ready to move on sooner. Some children are bored with repetition and for those children something like CLE is better suited.




Dee in Sunny FL!

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Thank you, as I am looking at samples online, I am thinking he may be suited for the second grade for at least R&S. I can't see the CLE samples real well online yet. He does know his numbers to 100, how to count by 2, 5, 10, 100. Knows the 100 number chart ect.. He just hated saxon so much last year, I didn't want to push him too hard and have him hate a new math too. Then again, I want him to be a little challenged as well.

ahhh I hate this part. The whole picking out what to use every year for each child. How much to spend.... ect.....



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We've used Saxon and I just bought the CLE 1st grade math. I think the math pages for CLE are a bit more kid friendly as far as representation is concerned. There are kid friendly pictures like of children , and birds and toys that if he likes to color he can color them in . Or not.


CLE is in a way set up like Saxon. But not if that makes any sense. I like the way the small bits of info are presented and the fact that there are some nice pictures in the Light Units and that the speed drills are included right in the Light Units and are not a seperate entity of the math program.


Rod and Staff teaches math concepts one at a time.


If Saxon wasn't his cup of tea. Maybe Rod and Staff might be a better set up for him.

Personally I think you can't go wrong either way , they are both reasonably priced. Both would be consumable so you would have to purchase again for another student if you chose to use either one of them. I guess it would just depend on what you want and what you think will work best.

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Rod and Staff. I love R&S's gentle *large* graphics, including the sepia-colored ink and soft white paper. I like the gentle yet solid foundation it lays. I love the scripted oral class time, and the flash cards that do numbers before, numbers after, etc. I like giving dc one page to work on at a time.


CLE looked too busy *for me.* I showed it to a very math-y friend, however, and she like the way that it used different methods to introduce concepts...but it made *me* dizzy. :-o

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He does know his numbers to 100, how to count by 2, 5, 10, 100. Knows the 100 number chart ect.. Julie


I'd go with R&S 2. There are 40 review lessons that focus on addition facts at the beginning of the year but teach them as fact triplets. This would give you lots of review before you start in with new topics.

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I've used both and really like both. What you use will depend on the child.



1. The CLE manual is more suggested teaching methods than R&S's scripted lessons. I have to admit while I like the Light Units of CLE I sorely miss R&S awesome TM.


2. R&S is more focused. CLE does seem to jump around a bit. For a child who grasps concepts easily and has a short attention span it's great.


3. CLE introduces abstract concepts early. They introduce >< symbols in the first grade. A tad early to me, but so far ds is not struggling.




1. Price. Both are inexpensive.


2. Both are Mennonite. Both have excellent customer service.


3. Both are thorough R&S moves a little slower at first.


4. Both are very drill oriented.

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