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Two small wins for this mom!

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While DH and I agree with homeschooling, we don't always see eye to eye on the details involved.


Over the summer, he said we had to use two curriculums (for financial reasons) that I didn't like and didn't think would work well for DS. A month into the new school year, and even he had realized that it was going to be a battle.


I changed the English Lit plans and told him after the fact, and then recommended a new World History curric that had just come out but would cost $. He agreed we can order it. I also told him the other day that I'd found a copy of Notgrass Gov for just over half price and was going to get it for DIL. He just said okay. :D


Last night he told me that he thinks we should have DS take the GED test to prove our teaching, or something like that. He was concerned about whether we could issue a state legal diploma. I said no, because a GED is worse than a diploma. I told him any diploma I issue is just as good as the one the local high school will give and all I have to do is make sure I can back it up with proof that he knows what he's being taught. He just told me okay, and he'd take my word for it. (I convinced DIL to finish the last 3 credits she needs to graduate instead of getting a GED too.)


I don't know what he's been reading or who he's been talking to, but I'm glad he's not arguing with me and trusting me to know what I'm doing. :D I'm hoping this means that he'll give me less of a hassle when I start ordering curriculum for next year.


That is all. I just wanted to share my glee with the Hive.

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