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S/O Saxon 8/7-does the Art Reed or DIVE dvd REPLACE the lesson instruction in book?

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I had looked at both the Art Reed and DIVE dvds prior to buying, and they didn't look like they added a whole lot more so I didn't get them. I planned on teaching the lesson to her myself from the book. But the instruction in the book looks HORRIBLY dry, so I'm wondering now if I should get one of the dvds, instead of trying to read through and teach from the dry book lesson.


My big question is: do you feel the instruction in either the Art Reed or DIVE is sufficient to totally *REPLACE* reading through the instruction part of the lesson? And if so, was the dvd just as dry, or more engaging than the lesson in the book?



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I have Alg 1/2 and the Art Reed dvds, but here's our experience----the AR dvds are meant to supplement and extend rather than replace. In a lesson last week, he stated that it was important for students to have read the lessons before watching the videos as he doesn't go over things he feels are extremely easy to understand.


There are samples of each of the dvds on his website. Since you have the book, I would suggest you take a look at the sample lesson and the lesson in the book to which it corresponds. Hopefully that will give you a better feel. If it doesn't sufficiently answer your question, contact Mr. Reed. He's great with answering questions. I think the DIVE ones also have samples.

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Thanks, Karen-that's exactly what I did-went on both sites and watched the samples along with looking at how the book taught it. I felt that Art Reed's video (the one sample I saw) was exactly as you said-extend rather than replace (only 6 minutes). It gave different examples than the book, which would be great for extending. BUT I didn't feel he taught the concept very completely, and he went pretty fast. (remember I only saw ONE sample though-just basing it on that.)


I loved the DIVE and ended up going with that. I felt it did a better job explaining the concept than the book did. With DIVE I feel we can watch the cd, and then if she doesn't get it from that, I can use the book to explain it more, if needed. I had forgotten about Unit Multipliers, so the sample I watched on that was perfect because it was a "new* concept to me. My eyes totally glazed over trying to understand it from the book, but the DIVE made me understand it well enough that I could have retaught the dry book lesson to her if I needed to (to extend it for her). I also felt the DIVE took the concept a little further-on the Unit Multipliers sample, for example, they did a word problem at the end of it, which the book didn't do. Hope this helps someone!


I did think the DIVE was a tiny bit dry and dd may not like it, but even if she ends up not wanting to watch it, I'd *still* like it for me to watch the night before so I can understand the concept better so I can teach it to her.

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We started using the Dive dvd this year. We're fans of Art Reed but understand his videos don't start until the next book.


It's important to remember than neither Art Reed or the Dive instructor can use the examples from the book due to copyright laws. Only the official program Saxon Teacher can follow the book lesson exactly.


Art's videos are of him teaching the lesson as an instructor might do in the classroom. Dive is a whiteboard with a vioce. There are two versions of Dive. One contains a few mentions of religion but nothing earth shattering. The second has those comments removed. So far, I'd suggest is took very little editing.


We're only a couple weeks into the book so my opinion might change as the lessons become more challenging but it's a nice addition. I like that different examples are used. It extends the lesson as was stated earlier. I still suggest to ds that he both read the lesson (they're certainly short enough) and watch the lesson before moving on to the problems - every single one of them.


I'm worried that next year we'll have have to by both the next Dive disk and Art Reed's version to see which we like the best. That'll be an investment of approximately $100.




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Hmm...didn't know there were two versions of Dive-I hope the one I bought used IS the religious one-I liked in the sample when they used as a word problem for unit multipliers a conversion of tares to lbs. or something like that in a biblical type work prob.


Excellent info, Jim. I actually prefer an instructor, like Art, but the Dive explanations seem so much better than in the book. Like for the unit multipliers sample, Dive explained it in an ORDER that was more understandable than the order in the book lesson.


I agree with your idea of investing to try both the Art and Dive-I can see how one or the other may work differently for different students.


Thanks, mama27, for the Saxon Teacher info-great to know in case the Dive doesn't work out!

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We were told by a Rainbow Resourse rep that there were two editions. To ensure my prior statement I went to both the Dive site and Rainbow resource and, yes, there are two editions. It is called DIVE Compass Saxon. It's the same price and the Rainbow site suggests visiting the other description for full information. They must be nearly identical.


When I reviewed the christian version there was a statement of faith prior to the first lesson. I doubt there was anything stated that would cause someone to turn away, unless they were complete nonbelievers. About every 5 lessons there is the reminder to honor the parents that have provided an education, computer, and DVD. I think everyone can live with that.

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