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Would you share your thoughts on K12 Spanish?


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I want to begin teaching my ds9 Spanish. I majored in Spanish in college, so I have a strong understanding of the grammar and vocabulary. I'm not great at figuring out where to start or teaching something without a curriculum, though. So I'm searching for something to give me a starting place. Can anyone tell me what you thought of K12's Spanish and give me an idea of what it entails. If you didn't like it, what else would you recommend? Thanks!

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K12 uses PowerSpeak, which I have never read one single good review of. From what I hear, it's really horrible.


Since you speak Spanish, I'd recommend Español para chicos y grandes for that age as a good starting point. I really liked their Level 1, but I didn't like their Level 2 at all, so after that I'd move to a more traditional program.


After that, I liked Barron's Spanish Now! for 1st year (over two years if doing it young, which you would be), then Breaking the Spanish Barrier for Spanish II and III.


I don't recommend any of those for a non-Spanish speaking parent, but if you can help teach them rather than just hand them the books, these work well. My older two are in high school this year, and I did have them repeat Spanish III Honors, but they're finding it blindingly easy. I only put them back because I felt like I hadn't had them write enough (which BtB says to have them do on their website, but it's not included in the book, and I taught them and a friend just one 2-hour lesson a week, and I kept not getting to, so that's my bad.) But they're getting an easy Honors class out of it. :tongue_smilie:

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