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Foerster's Algebra & Trig scheduling

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If you've used Foerster's Algebra & Trig, did you complete the entire book in one yr or divide it into 1 yr of algebra 2 and one yr precalculus?


Secondly, here's our math sequence so far:

7th grade: Algebra 1 (BJU)

8th grade: Chalkdust Geometry

9th grade: see above


What course would you do next? Calculus? Then what after that?

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We will be using Alg II Trig next year, in fact, I just received my materials today and have been perusing the first half this afternoon:tongue_smilie:

Although I am not using their syllabus, I know that Kolbe Academy covers ch 1-8, parts of 9, and 13-15 for Honors Alg II and Trig, Ch 1-8 for Alg II, and ch 9-15 for pre-cal.

I know that some prefer to use Foerster's pre-cal book for trig/precal.

I will use the schedules listed in the Teacher's Edition, but I don't know how quickly we will cover the material because my ds is only sophomore and and the college he is interested in requires a math during the senior year of highschool. We may only do algebra II this year.



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