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What's your second grader doing?


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I am planning to continue with ETC. We are on book 6. For math We just finished 2a and I'm ordering 2b. We will be doing FLL1 and SOTW1 also. Art... she's creative I'm not worried there! PE/health are also covered through extra curriculars. I plan on having her do some online spelling and vocabulary games (and some math drills). We through in some Kumon books when we need reinforcement and will probably be library science people. She hates writing so I wasn't going to add in an official handwriting time.



Anything I'm missing?

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SOTW 2 and 3 (on TOG schedule) plus activities and picture books to go along with the time period.

Singapore Math 2A and B.

Handwriting without Tears

Reading practice with Mom (currently Harry Potter)

All About Spelling

Old Learning Language Arts Through Literature Red

Life Science subjects using library books and some of Apologia Flying Creatures.

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"First Semester"


Singapore Math 3A, IP2B, CWP2

Phonics Road 2 - half way through so will probably start PR3 sometime in January

First Language Lessons 3

Writing with Ease 2

SOTW2 w/Classical House of Learning & pick and choose from Baltimore Curriculum Project Grade 2

K12 literature & Boston Curriculum Project Literature Grade 2 (we really enjoyed the BCP Literature for grade 1. Grade 2 literature incorporates some of their history and geography lessons as well.)

Elemental Science (Earth and Space) & K12 Science & Enrichment Group Program & pick and choose from Baltimore Curriculum Project Grade 2

Handwriting - He's been writing cursive since age 5, so it's mostly practice via copywork and pages I make in Startwrite.

Rosetta Stone Home School Spanish - looking for something to add to this

Expedition Earth (secularized) & Galloping the Globe & The Complete Book of Maps and Geography & pick and choose from Baltimore Curriculum Project Grade 2

Artistic Pursuits Book 2 & Harmony Fine Arts 2

Shiver Academy's Book of Virtues Project (secularized)


1 morning per week gifted enrichment via PS

As always lots of read aloud books and 45 - 60 minutes of reading per day to himself


We usually start lessons around 8am, take a 15 minute break at 10:30, and are done at noon. After lunch we have piano practice every day and art on Fridays only. Reading and listening to music is interspersed throughout the afternoon and evening.

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Primary Language Lessons

Easy Grammar

Zaner-Bloser Cursive Handwriting

Rod and Staff Spelling By Sound and Structure 2 (We will probably begin 3 this year too.)

Explode the Code 6-8

Singapore Primary Mathematics (Standard Ed.) 2A/2B with Challenging Word Problems



Song School Latin

Salsa Spanish (Just watching the videos 2x/week.)

Devotional/Bible stories:We are about to finish My Book of Devotions about Self-Control and start Sword Fighting /Egermeier's Bible Story Book

Assigned and interest-led reading


Extras: I am reading aloud to both of my boys from Abeka's 1st and 2nd grade history/geography readers. My 2nd grader has already finished 2 workbooks - Carson-Dellosa Map Skills and Scholatic Analogies. We are about to start a reading comprehension workbook.

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RS Math C

Reading everything in sight! Current book: A Little Princess



New American Cursive



Finishing up RSO Life. On to Earth and Space later this year.

Song School Latin

Geogaphy as in The Core and EM Daily Geography 3

Composer and Artist studies

Memory -Bible, catechism, poetry, various history and science info.


Piano and choir

P.E. at the Y

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Ambleside Online Year 2

Zaner-Bloser Grade 2 cursive

Zaner-Bloser font copywork

Winning with Writing

Evan Moor Spelling

Singapore Math, with their Math Sprints

Life of Fred

Song School Latin

Getting Started with Spanish

Progressive Recorder for Beginners

GEMS Terrarium unit


due to add MCT sometime this fall; and also hope to pick up Easy Classical's geography and music that accompany their Ancient's history; and want to incorporate some art aside from our nature study drawing. Had hoped to incorporate the Junior Great Books but that's seriously back-burnered!


okay, now to see what everybody else is doing!


ETA: FYI, if you refer folks to your siggie, then when your siggie changes what you're doing right now won't be on the thread any more -- siggie updates change your past signatures, too.

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