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What's your second grader doing?


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We're really light in the early years (so keep that in mind). We're not lazy, it's just that several of my kids have been late bloomers.


Reading through the Beginner's Bible together

Independent reading from her Book Basket (she chooses what she reads)

All About Spelling 2 and Getty-Dubay Handwriting

Apologia's Swimming Creatures + Junior Notebooking Journal (this is a big hit)

Listening to classical music - we're finishing up "Story of the Orchestra" - I'm looking into Peter and the Wolf...and Carnival of Animals next

Lots of "how to draw" books, like Mark Kistler books

Read-Alouds...we're reading through the Magic Tree House series right now (still) and reading lots of other books. Here are some titles:

Winnie the Pooh

House at Pooh Corner

My Father's Dragon

The Boxcar Children

Munro Leaf's books (Wee Gillis, etc)

Aesop's Fables

The Story of Dr. Doolittle

and anything else she wants to read - she's interested in Encyclopedia Brown right now


Math is mostly videos from http://www.educationunboxed.com and I also printed out Math Mammoth 2's addition and subtraction, stapled it together in two "workbooks" and she works on that off and on. We also check out math story books from the library. I was thinking about using the videos from Crewton Ramone's website if we run out of stuff to do.


For writing, she has a notebook and she creates "stories". She provides captions for the characters or writes what's happening above the picture. AAS has some dictation in it, so she gets some writing in from that, too.

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Greek Alphabet Code Cracker

Jesus in the Spotlight (Precepts)

Abeka Math

Abeka Phonics/Language/Writing

Reading: assorted books, extensive home library

VP Old Testament Cards/Readings

SOTW, finishing 1, starting 2

RSO Life


Haven't decided...may add in some american history

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My second grader is doing:


MM 2A/2B with LoF sprinkled in


Michael Clay Thompson Island level (He LOVES this)

SOTW 1 and MOH 1 together (Ancients)

Apologia Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures

A Beka Writing with Phonics

Logic Puzzles

In a few weeks We're going to start LoE Essentials with him and his younger brother (waiting for my Kindergartener to get up-to-speed before beginning)

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We are doing-


LoF (we are just in Apples right now, but will probably go through A-D?)





ETC 4-6(?)

LLATL 2 (this is grammar, composition and HW)

Phonics Pathways

Literature Studies/Lapbooks from CoaHS

Read Alouds everyday-currently doing the entire Narnia series

A LOT of her reading aloud. Right now it's anything she wants, she is still getting caught up because of her vision issues.



Copywork and Lapbook that go along with SOTW


Magic School Bus videos, books, and activities

Equine science at the barn lol


CTC Logic

Art history (our own)

Art instruction via Mark Kistler

Poetry (Flower Fairies and a children's poetry anthology)

Bible Telling Gods Story


We do NOT do all that daily. We do school 5-6 days a week, for about 2 hours. We do lots of brain breaks in between subjects, so from start to finish we are 'doing school' for about 3 hours.

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L/A: Memoria Press Grade 2 for spelling, cursive, copy work and Latin (daily)


*We haven't actually started Prima Latina yet this year, though I have hopes of adding it in during our next block starting in mid-October.


Writing With Ease 2 (4x per week)


Zaner-Bloser G.U.M. (Grammar, Usage and Mechanics) Grade 2 (3x per week)


Christopherus Language Arts including blocks for Saints and Heroes, Trickster Tales and Animal Legends (1x per week)


Math: Singapore Math Standards 2a/2b, Teaching Textbooks 3 (daily)


History: Story of the World Ancients with Classical House of Learning's Grammar Level Literature (2x per week)


Science: NOEO Biology 1 supplemented with some Life Science Task Cards (2x per week)


Fine Arts: Suzuki piano, Drama Club, Co-op Art, Co-op Primary Music (1x per week each)


Extras: Swim Team, American Heritage Girls


Religion: CCD, Little Flowers Club II, Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History


Daily Independent Work: Evan - Moor Daily Language Practice Grade 2 and Daily Science Grade 2 (daily)


She also has a 2nd grade book basket in which are all the books listed in this blog post (scroll to the bottom) . She can freely choose which book she'd like to read from the choices in this basket for a monthly book report. She's free to read anything else she likes in addition to the books in this basket.

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Sequential Spelling

Lots of reading

Math Mammoth


Magic School Bus DVDs with assorted books and activity kits

Art History pulled together from various resources

SOTW Ancients

Lollypop Logic

Scholastic Word Ladders

Outside activities that I consider to be a part of "school:" children's choir (1X/week), nature/outdoor survival skills class (2X/month) and Waldorf inspired homeschool class taught by an Oak Meadow teacher (2X/month.)

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Hello! You can see in my signature most of the programs my second grader is using. He also uses an MCP Phonics book & HWT. We are using All About Spelling . . when I remember to use it, slacker mom that I am. ;-)


I also wanted to throw in that we started using Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett over the summer. It was my attempt at having fun but keeping "school" going without my kids realizing it. :-) Anyway, my second grader in particular has enjoyed the ones we have used. I am working on a plan to incorporate more unit studies into our science time.

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SM 3a&3b with IP and CWP

R&S English 3

Spelling plus with Dictation and Homophones (3rd grade lists)

McGuffey's Eclectic Readers book 2 currently

SOTW- finishing 1 and starting 2

RS4K prelevel 1 chemistry and physics

Prima Latina

Studying God's word Book B


Daily free reading


Piano, dance, musical theatre


Co-op PE and science using Apologia's Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures

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My second grader does:


IEW poetry memorization

Copywork from a variety of sources - science, history and literature

R&S Math 2

LoF Elementary Math - Cats right now

Evan-Moore Daily Science 2

Interest led history in WTM cycles - currently doing Medieval history adding in lots of links to family history

Combination of assigned and free reading

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Math: Miquon, for now. This will change, maybe to Beast Academy, after he likely flies through it.


Language arts: A reading curriculum I wrote for him this year, that includes phonics, daily reading, copywork, basic grammar, word work and spelling. He was slow to pick up reading and nothing packaged was working, but I put together my own after observing how he learns. He is now catching up quickly so we may switch to a purchased curriculum in a few months.


Science: Creekedge task cards -- Earth and Space science.


History: Creekedge task cards -- Medieval history


(Science and history involve weekly research and the completion of labs/projects. He works on each daily for 30 minutes to an hour. Science sometimes stretches to two hours.)



Astronomy club (twice a month, but he's out observing every clear night)

Robotics team (once weekly)

Electronics and circuitry class (twice weekly)

Weekly visit to the science museum, where they often have walk-in classes on various subjects going on.

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We are pretty free-form and interest led. These are the formal things my 2nd grader is doing:


Math: Beast Academy and/or MM3 depending on mood

Science: Intellego Solar System, BFSU

LA: Bravewriter methods, will join the younger's MBTP for the geography and science units

Logic Safari


Less formal things:

History: Renaissance and Explorers study, materials gathered by moi

German for Children/german conversation at home

Sculpting activities and Discovering Great Artists

Lots and lots of reading, games, Legos, and his own projects of all kinds.

Rabbit trails.

Archery and climbing.

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Science using Creek Edge Life Science task cards adn BFSU

Grammar using KISS and a few other resources

Latin using Lively Latin. Started last year and will finish Book 1 this year.

Math: math mammoth 3b and BA

Writing: finishing WWE3 and then we'll move to Writing Tales 2

Geography: world geo with coop

Spanish: with brother, variety of sources

Art: art history

Handwriting: cursive practice

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My second grader is reading fluently and has been for over a year.


MUS Beta/Gamma (we school year-round and are almost halfway through our year. He just started Gamma) plus math facts drill


Circle Time memory work


Listening to SOTW audio & writing 2 sentences about what we listened to.


Listening to Pilgrim's Progress & Grammarland; 4th grader writes about those, too, but 2nd grader just colors while listening.


Reads from Story of the Ancient World and a section from any Apologia elementary science text and writes 2 sentences about one of them, with an illustration.


We go over his writing and he corrects his errors, so I count that as handwriting, spelling, writing, and grammar.


We listen to a certain classical composer every 6 weeks.


I assign him 3 history-related supplemental books per term (6 weeks), but he only has to read them. And he reads more than that on his own, too.


That's all we do now. I have a Bible plan and School Song Greek that we'll add in, and I'd like more accountability on his reading, but more effort on my part will have to wait until postpartum recovery is over. :) I'm very happy with how things are going now.

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We are using Heart of Dakota's Bigger Hearts for His Glory. With it, we use R&S Grammar and Saxon Math. (We use HOD Bible, Science, and History.) Oh, and we use HOD's Drawn into the Heart of Reading for literature, and kind of a made-up cursive.

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My boys are September birthdays, so they're on that line (technically third now, but youngish for grade).


Last year we did:

MM2 for one Miquon Blue and Green for the other

Singapore CWP1

Explode the Code 4-7


Logic Safari

Analogies for Beginners


self-designed American history (Betsy Maestro books, USKids History, etc.)

self-designed chemistry and earth science with Usborne Science Encyclopedia as a loose spine

Co-ops, Destination Imagination, Shakespeare production, soccer team, etc. etc. etc.


This year:

MM3 for one, Miquon Yellow and Purple for the other



Bravewriter and the Arrow (sometimes)

required reading (for the first time!)

Logic Countdown

self-designed life science

self-designed world history: Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, Asian empires, Colonialism, etc.

Piano (for the first time!)

Co-op, Destination Imagination, Drama classes, Botanic Gardens classes, soccer team, etc. etc. etc.

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Its in my sig but:



Horizons Phonics 2

Horizons Spelling 2

Horizons Penmanship 2 (We MIGHT change this but im trying to make it work)



Apologia Astronomy



Story Of The World Vol 1



Positive Action Bible



Saxon 1



Recorder (we MIGHT switch to guitar)






Horizons Health 1






and shes in Girl Scouts.

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Memory-random, but mostly Bible

Catechism (we're Lutherans- LCMS)

MEP and Miquon

Logic- Analogies from Prufrock Press


MCT Island Level

Spelling Workout- level F

TOG- upper grammar level

Anatomy- reading, videos, Teacher Made Resources

Art Study- from Simply Charlotte Mason (love these!)

Art classes

Piano/The Story of the Orchestra

Read alouds from DH

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We school Jan.- Nov./Dec. Ds is starting to transition into some 2nd grade items.


Math: MM- about 1 chapter shy of completing 1b then we'll start 2a. (Probably in a week or 2?)

Spelling: SWO A- About 8 lessons left. Then we're moving to HtTS.

LA: Just started LLATL:Red and CW Primer: Autumn. I thought we'd try them out and then pick one for the rest of the year. However, they seem to complement each other and he seems to be enjoying it.

Handwriting: finishing up ZB 1. Then we'll move to Evan Moor's Daily handwriting with Draw Write Now once/wk.

Reading: We've been inconsistent, but McGuffey's has helped him decode lots of words. I still try to use it at least once or twice a week. Otherwise there's lots of read alouds here for school and fun.

Logic: debating on going with Lollipop Logic 2 (which I'm sure he'll breeze through) or just move him into Primary Logic.


Things he does with his sister:

Science: Intellego Astronomy. I have k-2 and 3-5, so it's just a blend of the two for them. We've also been doing some Speedy Lapbooks from Homeschool Bits. We're also planning to start nature studies as soon as my Amazon order arrives. :lol:

History: SOTW 1 with lapbook. I also supplement with short read alouds from the library.

Latin: sadly, we've been lacking here and have yet to get through SSL. Maybe we can pick it up next week.


Something I'd like to add in but haven't devised a plan yet for both: art

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Growing with Grammar 4

Reading for the Gifted Student 3 (she loves these workbooks, although she doesn't need them)

All About Spelling 5

Singapore Math 2/Math Mammoth 2



American History (hodgepodge)

Rosetta Stone Spanish

Wordly Wise Online - Level 3

Logic - various workbooks/games

Geography - Evan Moore Daily Geography 3

Meet the Masters

Typing Pal

Piano (using Pianimals)


Reading tons on her own (Harry Potter book 7, The Hobbit, etc...)


The above is what we do faithfully almost everyday. I took a long hiatus off serious homeschooling and am now just getting back into it. I need to add:


RSO Earth & Space (and maybe Singapore My Pals Are Here)

Latin (Lively Latin?)

LOF Elementary - just got A-D

Writing Strands 3?

Add in a second Spanish for more grammar - Spanish for Children A?


At her enrichment school once a week, she takes Science, Art, Gym, General Music, Musical Theater and Puppets and Plays.

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My daughter is just starting third, but this is what we just did last year:


Math: Singapore 2A/B, MathUSee second half Beta, first half Gamma


Science: Nancy Larson 1 (with K brother)


LA: FLL3, WWE1 (discrepancy because we lagged seriously behind in handwriting), Handwriting Without Tears (*that* didn't live up to its name) Letters and Numbers for Me


History and stuff: WinterPromise American Story 2


Extras: Math Whizz, Dreambox, Khan Academy, Critical Thinking Company books

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My second grader (will be 8 in Feb.):


-Singapore Math (currently 2A, hoping to finish 2B this year)

-Miquon Math (we move back and forth between Singapore and Miquon.)

-SOTW1 history, plus supplemental picture books and longer read-alouds

-BrainQuest workbook for practicing spelling rules and other basic skills

-daily reading in a chapter book

-Artistic Pursuits occasionally; drawing on his own often.

-lots of audio books and classical music in the car

-picture study at co-op

-science -- haven't really done much of this so far, sigh

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CLE LA 200

CLE Math 200

CLE Bible 1 and 2

Singapore Math 1A/1B and CWP 1

Finishing 9 weeks of SL Core K and 22 weeks of HOD Beyond

SL Readers 2 and 3

HOD Emerging Readers

ETC 4 and 5

Wordly Wise 2

Finishing 9 weeks of SL Science A and starting B

Dance Mat Typing

Atelier Art

Come Look with Me books

Draw Write Now books

Story of the Orchestra

R&S Health 2

Beginning Geography

Children Just Like Me, How Children Lived


Critical Thinking Activities

Rosetta Stone Spanish

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Way more than last year.


Singapore Standards 2B, 3A

MCT Island level

Winning With Writing 2 and 3

parts of Galore Park Junior English 1

A Reason for Handwriting C

spelling pulled from Phonics Pathways, Building Language and his writing

Story of the World 1

Complete Book of Maps and Geography

Galore Park Junior Science 2

+ outside science class

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Math: RSD & BA

Penmanship: HWoT & Draw Write Now *he likes HWoT and loves DWN, still trying to get writing neater!

Writing: WWE2

Spelling and Phonics: HTTS2 & Webster's (reading word lists as he got lazy this summer w/ guessing)


Science and History: Living Books, Documentaries, Hands- On and Field Trips when we can and lots of discussions- Rabbit Trails- he is a sponge and loves learning


Literature- Good Books for read aloud and he reads at his level


Religion- Bible, Saint Stories, lots of discussion

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WWE 1 (quick review, introducing expectations), starting 2

AAS 2 (2nd half, plan to start AAS 3)


Some Little Otter Science, some BFSU, lots of read alouds, still looking for our science groove...

Draw, Write, Now

Listening to Mozart's music

Looking at Bruegel's art

Weekly nature study/Nature Connection

Learning to knit (SCM video)

Introducing one Shakespeare play/term

adding in bits of CM philosophy as it seems fitting.


Still figuring out what we're doing and adding in younger siblings along the way.

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