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Need to rant a bit (warning female and christian content)

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OK so dh lost his job last Sept. We really felt it was finally the right time to move across country(something we have wanted since the beginning of our marriage 12 yrs ago). He tried looking for a job while we were still in NY but to no avail. Finally decided to jump without a net. That is what faith is isnt it. Why do I preface with all this?


In May we moved, I was almost 5 months pregnant at the time with 4 kids the oldest 9. The trip across the country was stressful beyond anything I could have imagined. We had little money, no where to live (brother and his family were taking us in) and no job. We left pretty much all we knew.


Got to oregon and miraculously found a house to rent. Then I lost the baby( wouldnt wish a 5 month miscarriage on my worst enemy). It has taken more than a six weeks to recover, on top of that this house had dormant fleas that became undormant, and attacked mostly only me. Plus we are getting to know my side of the family better however they are not saved and try to undermine all our beliefs in front of our children. plus dh still hasn't found a job and I dont want to go to mil again for money to pay bills. Plus I cannot seem to stop bleeding, don't know if it is my cycle now or what almost 7 weeks later. Plus apparently, I'm allergic to oregon( have to use an inhaler I got for asthmatic bronchitis last year). I am feeling extremely isolated even though we seem to have found a good church. Oh and I finally got rid of the fleas just in time for the ants.


I know that God is good and that He is on the throne. I realize that compared to some my problems seem pretty pathetic. But, I am feeling so beat on and am trying to figure what I did to tick Him off so. Ok, I know He doesnt work that way it just feels like he does right now.


Please forgive my (hormonal I'm sure) rant and, well, is it alright to ask for a little pity? :confused:


Thank you for reading.

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Your problems do not sound "pretty pathetic" to me, if by that you mean they are insignificant. I think you've been through a whole lot in the past year and deserve at least a little pity party.


As Heather already mentioned - you need to find out about that bleeding and get that taken care of right away. Losing all that blood is not helping your outlook and you need all the help you can get to face your family, your husband's troubles, and your allergies. Make that your priority for now.


Maybe someone at your new church has a recommendation for a clinic. By asking, you are also making your need known and making yourself open to being ministered to. Does your church family have any idea what you are going through right now? They can't help if they don't know you need help. Just a thought.


Oh, and I'm very sorry about the loss of your baby. You are still in the grieving process concerning that, too. It's a lot to deal with. Please get to a doctor soon.

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When I went for my follow up they told me that the bleeding was normal. I go back in 10 days for a big pile of blood work (this was my 7th loss). Fortunately the new church we are attending is full of women who have been in similar situations and they have been very supportive. I think it is hard because my normal support system is 3000 miles away. I have only known these women (who seem lovely) for one month and it is a little hard freaking out on them like I did on this board or would do in front of my old friends.


The funny thing is I know that all will work out, it always does. It is just when you are in the middle of it that it can be overwhelming. Thanks for listening.

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Many (((((hugs))))) to you.


I lost a pregnancy in the 5th month about 10 years ago. I know how it is. (I had prolonged bleeding as well. It turned out to be a harmless polyp that was easily removed. Maybe have them check for something like that if the bleeding continues.)


And a year and a half ago, we moved across the country. So, I've been there too. Recently.


Hang in there. Take as good care of yourself as you can. And remember, God never gives us anything we can't handle.

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Many, many, many hugs to you. That is a lot to take at one time!


Take this as your prayer: "I am open to help and I am open to possibilities." When things are this tough you are in the perfect position for miracles - and for others to get the chance to practice grace and helpfulness towards you. Someday it will be your turn to have life in hand and be able to extend that help to others.


Being ready and alert toward all possibilities means you might see and jump at opportunities you would miss normally, and those could lead to great things, too.

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