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A week of "UGH" Schooling!

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I'm not blogging this one!! But I will be glad when this week is over.


I have been sick as a dog all week with some kind of virus, and both boys have had a milder form of whatever I had, plus DS9 has had an allergy attack (thankfully, unlike me, he can at least tolerate Claritin).


My boys don't do well being at complete loose ends, so I had to come up with some work for them to do, but I had to keep it really, really loose, too, because I was SOOOO far down and out that I just could NOT be there for them much at all, besides waking up periodically to make sure to feed them regular meals, see that they were safe, and give a little guidance on work, and tell them that some video and game time was okay this week if they did do their work.


My husband joked that this week that since we don't do true unschooling, that this week we did "UGH"-schooling-- we did as much school as I could tolerate until I said, "UGH I can't do any more!" Then we stopped for the day and I went back to bed.


(looking back, it's pretty remarkable-- we still got in pretty much a week's worth of history, Latin, writing, reading, grammar, poetics, and vocabulary, and math, at least, plus a sprinkling of other stuff, including logic and piano. It could have been worse-- science and math week would have been much harder to pull off! Propping myself up in a chair to do Caesar's English is one thing; setting up for a lab would have been another ball of wax altogether!)


I have to really appreciate my very cooperative young men. The house is slightly messy, but not all that bad. They did vacuum, help with dishes, and work on some clutter, and with all the extra naps I took, they didn't get into any mischief whatsoever or cause me any worry, and I so very, very appreciate that. I never expect perfection from them, but I know a lot of families with 9 and 11YO brothers who would not have gotten this much cooperation. I may not have loved being sick, but I sure am grateful for what I have!

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