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Want to talk about the assignment for weeks 35-36 of WWS1?

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You might not want to read this if your child is just getting started with WWS. I imagine that if I had read this last year, I would have freaked out just thinking about it!




Anybody almost to the end or already done with WWS? My daughter just started yesterday. We spent this afternoon at our (tiny!!) library for her to gather sources. She chose to do her project on Hatshepsut, whom she just studied in history. She told me today that she *thinks* she is going to do a biographical summary and a chronological narrative, with maybe a description of a place (Hatshetsut's temple). I'm so proud of the work she's done so far!!! WWS has turned her in to a real writer!!


To be honest, though, this project scares me! 1000 words!!! Whoa nellie!! But I know this is an appropriate assignment considering how far she's come, and she IS in 7th grade. It is very hard to stay hands-off with it, but I'm trying. :D I think it might take longer than two weeks.


Just thought I'd share and maybe we could discuss how this is going for everyone! I'm excited to hear what's going on with your family!!

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