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DH got a new job this week (YAY!) and we're waiting to see where the cards fall with his current two jobs. It looks like one of the jobs he is going to have to quit before he even starts (due to management) but we won't know until tomorrow how that is going to play out. He is only intending to keep one, but he doesn't want to needlessly back out of one if he doesn't have to...


DH is coming up on his six-month review for his other job (not the one he might have to quit) and he found out on Wed. that he has to do some online training hours. His boss called and apologized for bringing this to him so last minute.


Last night, when DH said he would pick up DS he made it sound like it was "semi-ok" when he missed some of the hours. (Or he had that intention from his boss, not saying he was intentionally misguiding me). I was thinking it was enough that if he made a "good faith" attempt to complete most of the hours that it would be okay......The hours are due by Mon.


The problem is that his boss sent him an email tonight saying the hours need to be completed by Monday morning or else he will have to be put on hold and not allowed to work with his client. :glare: The number in the email his boss mentioned is 40 hours - DH was told over the phone he needed to do 15 hours. He emailed her asking for clarification (and a log in for the website, which she didn't provide him).


How can you give someone an assignment (last minute) and not even check to see if they have all the necessary pieces- like a LOG ON?


His boss is really terrible with returning emails/phone calls. I have no idea if "hold" means just not work the 1-2 days until he gets caught up or if its a longer process or what. (he has no idea either)


I'm buying DH a surprise box of cigars for being so wonderful but this entire situation is very stressful. I am so thankful that DH found a new job, which, even with the stresses a new job brings, will help us have a more stable lifestyle.

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