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You ever have those days...

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when you are just so, so thankful to be homeschooling? I love being with our kids every day...yes, even though some days are tougher than others. But we laugh together, think together, explore together, and today was one of those days when I really appreciated it all...and thought about how much we all would have missed out on.


We didn't start homeschooling until our oldest was just starting 5th grade, despite the fact that we had given it thought numerous times. Looking back I can see why we were to wait (We needed my income at the time to be approved for the adoption of our two daughters, or we never would have qualified), but our family would never, ever be the family we are today without homeschooling.


Just feeling grateful.



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Yes, I do ... but today's not one of them :glare:. Today DS8 and DS5 are being wild, annoying and boring. I even started wondering when might be a good time to send them back to school.


Thank you for your post, it reminded me, amid my dark and grumpy thoughts, that yes, we do have those blissful days, more often than not :001_smile:.

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