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You Know The Problem W/Circuses?

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Actual convo that just happened at my house.


Wolf and I, sitting out on the deck, hearing Princess wail about the unfairness of having to pick up Lego in her room, Tazzie bugging Diva, Diva bugging Tazzie, and Boo doing his bedtime whine...


Me: You know the trouble w/travelling circuses?


Wolf :001_huh: Uh...


Me: They're never around when you wanna sell a kid or 3. :glare:

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Boo's at that *delightful* stage of life where he's figured out how to stand up.


But not sit back down.


So, I spend my day lowering him down when he screams in fright.


Which, he's doing every 3.2 seconds in his bed right now...I barely leave, and he's popped back up like a demented Boo-in-the-box, and shrieks when he realizes...Help, I'm up and I can't get down!

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