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finally ordered Lial's 7th edition

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I have looked for days (and probably annoyed you dear people) for the Lial's Intro to Algebra. I *think* I've ordered the right thing :). One book clearly has TE listed in the description. In fact, the seller is very clear that it is the TE. The other appears to be a student copy. That seller says the book appears to be brand new with nice clean pages. I did go with the 7th edition because it was the cheapest "like new" I could find. And it has good reviews. I'll let you all know if it is the right thing when it arrives. IF it isn't, y'all will hear about it for sure, because it will be back to the drawing board and I'll not be a happy camper.....

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Did you order the solutions manual, also?. The teacher's ed only has the answers, not the problems worked out and personally I have literally never used it even though I have a couple of them. Ymmv, of course.


I find the solutions manuals are a must have so that I can easily see where the student messed up in working the problem and my students usually need it also.




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