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Blocked out of Yahoo Email -demanding phone number?

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I don't THINK so. I'm so tired of these services pulling this "for my benefit" garbage when it is just another data mining tool.


How can I get into my accounts? Loads of angry posters are saying they have been blocked too on message boards. Many are saying the "we will send you a code" thing is a ruse, because there isn't anywhere to input the code and they are still blocked while having given up more personal information to the marketers. Do I need to buy an anonymous cell with minutes at the dollar store? Can you even still do this?


Are there any online free numbers that don't ask for all my personal information? Can any techies help me?


Of COURSE, there was absolutely NO warning, so that I could retrieve my important information and move it to another less scumbaggy provider. :001_huh:

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There is a guy who constantly gives out my number. Unfortunately for people like, oh, potential employers who are calling to schedule an interview. Anyhoo, he has also set my number as his emergency password text message thing, according to Yahoo, which also nicely texted me his user ID. Sooooo, it's obvious it doesn't have to be the correct one. However, if I were devious, I could easily get into his account and generally ruin his life because he doesn't seem to know his own number correctly.


I just checked my Yahoo account. They have my home phone number but not a mobile number. I believe it's a way people do a password reset or reminder or something.

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Don't know if it is the same but when I've had the "we must have your number" screen I found a tiny link that let me continue without a number.



This. There's always one there somewhere, but you usually have to hunt for it. It will say something like "continue," or "skip this," or "no thanks."

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