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how to best spend it?

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Not thrilled with the grammar we have. Not enough teacher support for me and not enough explanation for Fury. I came to the realization that Dragon is even more obsessed with "why" than Fury is. If the phenomena is incremental, Mr. Picky Pants is gonna drive me nutzoid!


We need spelling. Sequential Spelling was sort of helping but would like more phonics or word roots as age appropriate. It would be neat if spelling and vocabulary were in the same book but not necessary.


Dragon is doing okay with BJU 3rd grade but I have to figure out what to use for 4th and 5th and maybe 6th since I'm not thrilled with MCP but will use it if we have to.


I'm also thinking ahead to high school. *shudder*

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Yes. That's what we're getting. I just don't want get something because it's cheap. I don't have to spend it all at once or worry about tax and s&h.


Have to do this right. I simply have to.


Hmm, I think in your situation I'd get the math and language arts for the oldest first. Then same for your next oldest. Then history and science for the oldest. I wish I could recommend specific items, but we've used Rod & Staff for English and math along with Singapore Math. Can't remember if RR still carries SM. I know they don't carry R&S.


Have you seen RR's Starter Packages? (I linked the one for 7th grade.) It might give you ideas on how to plan your purchases.

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I'm glad to hear they are helping you out. I would probably agonize for days to get the most bang for the buck. I would probably buy some math program for my own self-education, weren't you just asking about that?


What do you need? What has been on a wish list? I would probably fill core requirements first and maybe do one great art book, one good science reference book.

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Have you considered Phonetic Zoo for spelling? I bought the set with the CDs, but you could easily get by with just the cards -- ds12 prefers to have me read the spelling rules and words to him, rather than listening to them on the CD. The CDs are great if you want the kids to work independently on their spelling lessons, though.


We are using Teaching Textbooks for math. We used Pre-Algebra and are now using Algebra 1. We have the full set with the textbooks and the video lessons, but in all honesty, we don't use the books at all -- we just use the video lessons and ds does the problems in a notebook.

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