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Update to math enrichment during school

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I have no idea if that will show up:glare: but I am hoping for some more advice.


So, I decided to try the MM - which he was OK with. My problem is, although DS is very mathy, I had purposely not worked ahead so he wouldn't be bored in class. Now they are giving him the opportunity to do a lot more, but I don't know how to proceed with the holes he has.


His holes were multi digit multiplication and long division. He had not seen those so I decided to do intense MM on those two subjects. Problem is the class got to double digits before I did. Whoops! I know my plan would get him way past where his class will be at the end of the year, but it wasn't in order.


Now I'm thinking I should just work through the EM book with him and make certain he knows all of that, and then try the Challenging Math workbooks with some Singapore thrown in for review in some of the more important areas. Any thoughts on that?


Also - he has to stay in class, and he can't really concentrate. He is easily distracted, so he is half working and half listening, and making slow progress. He does not want to do a computer program. There is nowhere outside of the room where he can go.


Any advice is welcome!!

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