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ISO: Subject Planner


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You can just get one of those green bound teacher planners and instead of labeling the squares with dates, use numbers (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc). You can check off each subject square as it's done, and just don't worry that the entire column of the Day's work isn't checked off all on the same day.


Does that make sense?

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If you have an ipod or ipad, you can try the very simple, but deceptively flexible "Paperless" app.


It is basically a nice checklist app. You can create a checklist for your daily schedule so you know what you want to do (or a checklist for a typical Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc, if you wish). Then create one for each subject-- ie, History Odyssey, Singapore 4A, IEW, etc. It becomes the ultimate "Do the next thing" planner. When you want to know what to do next in history, just look at your history checklist and see which lesson is next.


It can be as basic or as detailed as you want-- there is a notes section that you can use to either input the entire lesson, for on the road access, or input grades or notes to yourself about what books and supplies you might need to gather up, or leave it blank and not use that feature.


You can select certain items and email those items to yourself as a separate checklist by email (or to other people), and it comes through formatted nicely.


If you have multiple kids, checklists can be recycled and used again in the future.


I ultimately decided to go with Olly (Mac based planner) even though most of our things are really "do the next thing" including subjects where I make up the plan as we go, because I want the option of tracking books we have used and printing up a transcript and easily tracking attendance, but I really did like the Paperless system for its simplicity and ease of use! I actually still use it from time to time, just to keep track of our alternating schedule, so I know what we are supposed to do on our alternating weeks, in terms of subjects ("Gee, was computer programming supposed to be a math/science logic subject, or a history/language logic subject??")


It has all my "like" hallmarks-- cheap, easy to use, dead easy to maintain, reusable for multiple kids, portable, automatic backups, easy to send lists to the kids by email.

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Why not use a plain blank book or binder with filler paper with each subject written at the head of a new page, followed by a list? Check off each lesson as you do it. This is how I manage science and history. I have a binder with dividers and behind each divider is one subject's worth of lessons in a list. I just flip to the section I need, do the lesson and check it off. I have another section for the whole week, so I can see the flow, adding in outside activites and obligations. I just schedule blocks that say "science" or what ever, and turn to the appropriate sections when we need to.

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