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Self-ed for math

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I started doing that exact same thing several years ago. I chose Saxon because I was afraid of math, and plus they had a placement test. I appreciated the hand-holding Saxon provided and am much more confident in my math skills now.


I think Saxon is a good choice if you are intimidated by math, but if you did through pre-calc in high school, it sounds like you just need a refresher? You might try just picking up some study guides at your local library (Algebra the Easy Way, Geometry for Dummies, things like that) and see how much you remember. Some libraries have some pretty cool stuff that you can check out - ours has both AOPS and Life of Fred, which makes for very helpful reading when I get stuck! :-) But if your library has nothing, any decent text that you enjoy going through is a good choice. It's pretty easy to find used copies of Lial's, Foerster, and some Dolciani books.

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