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Where do I buy those rolling carts with drawers?

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Saw them today at Mardel and Joann's for $65. Went to Wal-mart, and they had them for $35. Wouldn't you know it, they had three. Just the number of kids I have.


I have never been interested in workboxes, and have all of each kid's school stuff in a crate with a daily check list. My 10yo actually rolled one of these over to me yesterday saying that I should put math in one box, their current book in the next, then science. I told him to stop reading these forums!


When we returned to the store today, all of the kids including the 13yo said it would help them keep their day more organized. So, now I know my weekend project.... Assembling all of those carts or perhaps we will have "mechanics" tomorrow and they will assemble their own. I also bought post-its and will just stick all items for a subject in a box and slap a post-it with the assignment for the day.

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Each of my kids has an IKEA Trofast shelf with wooden shelves and one drawer for their schoolwork.


I have looked at these shelves but, the reviews complain about them not being sturdy enough to put books in. If anyone has one of these, then I would love to know how we'll it works for that purpose.


We got the rainbow ones from Wal-mart. They are flimsy. I squished the sides a little closer together to make the drawers fit snugger so that they will hold more weight.


We will see how they last.

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